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The best kept all-natural beauty secrets from around the world. Now revealed!

1. MEXICO: GELATIN HAIR MASK Close your eyes and imagine what Mexican hair looks like. You’re most probably visualizing dark, shiny, frizz free hair. That’s because the Mexicans have been rocking that look for ages. And […]

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Top 10 beauty superpowers of coconut oil.

Just search for ‘coconut oil’ and the results are insane! Everyone is talking about it. It’s been bestowed with the title of ‘Superfood’. It can do pretty much anything. Hell, everyday someone somewhere finds a […]

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Why Indian women have the best hair in the world.

Indians have the best hair in the world proves a global study based on 4 characteristics that determine healthy hair – thickness, tensile strength, shine, and smoothness. This is probably what makes natural hair extensions […]