Pure Sense Deep Moisturizing Body Oil. This body oil smells ridiculously delicious!


Warning: You may be tempted to lick it!

I’m a sucker for organic, natural stuff. Add roses to the mix, and you got me!
That’s exactly what this moisturizing body oil from Pure Sense did.

Let’s start at the beginning.

My sister-in-law was visiting me from Mumbai. She knows how to stay on my good side – by gifting me skincare products! So like every other time when she visits, she brought me some goodies to satisfy my addiction. This time is was a body oil from Pure Sense. Like a kid on Christmas morning, I ripped open the box in a blissful frenzy and pulled out the bottle. I was so excited, I even broke the cap (see picture closely)!

And so I started using this oil every day after my evening shower – in place of my body lotion. I know it’s supposed to calm me down, but it does quite the opposite. It makes me all happy and excited! Here’s why.

1. It smells so darn good. 

It contains organic, cold-pressed macadamia nut oil that naturally has a nice sweet, nutty smell. Add rose petals to that and you’ve got an intoxicating fragrance (I also love seeing those rose petals floating in the oil!).

Normally, my darling husband complains when I apply oil to my body.
Example: “Oh no! Why must you smell of coconuts?!
But this time, he was like, “Mmmm…what have you put?”

2. It’s really moisturizing. 

I use this oil in place of my body lotion at night. It’s really moisturizing but it can be a bit sticky if you use too much. So use a little to begin with, and keep adding more if you need more hydration. I rub a little extra on drier parts of my skin like elbows and knees. I haven’t seen a single dry patch since I started using it.

3. You can get a full body massage and not have to wash up. 

After a massage, I always shower as I don’t want to walk around town smelling of some oil. Not anymore. Now, I just walk out enveloped in the lovely scent, while my skin continues to reap the benefits of macadamia oil.

4. It makes my legs look all sexy and long. 

Well, any oil will give your legs a killer sheen making them look thinner and sexier. But because this stuff smells so yum, you can wear it to a dinner, a night out, a movie – just about anywhere.

5. It doesn’t have the bad stuff. 

It’s got no parabens, no sulphates, no farmaldehyde… In a nutshell (pun intended), it’s good for my skin 🙂

MY VERDICT: This oil is luxurious, fragrant and oh-so-therapeutic. It’s the perfect pick-me-up after a long, hard day. Much healthier option to downing a cupcake!

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