Skinceuticals CE Ferulic

The brightening serum that does exactly what it should.

You know when you’ve found an amazing product when you want to keep it a secret, even though you’re a beauty blogger!

So now that I’ve decided (finally!) to let the cat out of the bag, let me tell you how it all started.

I went for a morning run, and the sun was pretty harsh, so despite a sunscreen, I came home to find red sunspot on my cheek! And of course, I started trying to get rid of it almost immediately. First thing I did was get a spot remover serum. I finished the bottle over 3 months – the difference was there, but not as dramatic as I hoped. I was also exfoliating regularly and applying sunscreen like a mad woman. The darn spot was really starting to bother me. Big time!

That’s when I started researching on products that actually help remove spots. And Skinceuticals CE Ferulic kept popping up everywhere I looked.

Turns out, a good Vitamin C serum is hard to find because once you open the bottle it immediately starts deteriorating. Why? Because Vitamin C is super difficult is very unstable. And apparently, Skinceuticals had found a way to stabilize it at 15%. Which is why almost every dermatologist online was swearing by it.

So I decided to give it a go. But almost choked when I saw the price tag. I decided to bite the bullet and get it anyways because I hated that spot so much!!

It comes in a brown glass bottle to keep the Vitamin C stable. You need to keep it away from sunlight, otherwise it goes bad. And you definitely don’t want that considering the price tag. Yikes!

I used it day and night, for 3 months – until the bottle was over. I did not skip it even once.

And? The dreadful sun spot wasn’t gone. BUT it was soooooo much lighter. And my skin overall looked incredibly bright and even. It was glowing so much someone asked me if I was having another baby!!!

I normally get super excited when a product works brilliantly and start telling everyone I know. But this time, it was different. For some reason, I didn’t want people to know what was really behind that glow. That’s how good it was!

There is one thing about it that does put me off – the smell. Sometimes I think it smells like metal, other times I think it’s hotdogs! Kinda gross. The good news is that the weird smell last for just a few seconds (Thank God)!

FINAL VERDICT: One of the best Vitamin C serums out there. Gives your skin a ridiculously healthy glow. Does a great job of fading spots and evening out your skin tone. This is the bomb (unfortunately, it costs a bomb too)!


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