Aesop Reverence Aromatique Hand wash


It all started at a music studio. I was there to supervise a recording for one of my ad films when I needed a pee break. Most music studios have ‘crappy’ bathrooms (pun intended). But this one to my utter delight was really white and clean. But that was not the best part. When it was time to wash my hands, I absentmindely (as we all tend to be after peeing), pumped 2 pumps of the cool looking handwash into my palms. But suddenly, I was wide awake. What was this stuff? It smelt awesome. Not perfumey as most handwashes do, but more spa-like. And the texture…Ah! Thanks to the thousands of tiny pumice beads, I was intensively scrubbing my hands as I was washing them. This was the best hand wash experience of my life! I know it sounds insane, but it really was something special. I have to admit to taking secret whiffs of the palms of my hands as I spent the remaining part of the afternoon recording music. The heady smell of vetiver, bergamont, bitter orange and grapefruit lasted for hours!

When I got home, I googled it (as I do everything!) and to my dismay I realised this awesome hand wash came with an even more awesome price tag attached to it. Really?!!! That expensive?! So I decided to give it a miss. After all, it’s only a hand wash. That was, until my next encounter with it.

So a few months later, I’m having a messy Sunday brunch in a cool hipster café and I need to wash my hands… and there it is, in the washroom! I’m thrilled and run back to my table to call my husband to wash his hands too! He doesn’t really question me because he knows how loony I am about products, and simply obliges. Next, starts the interrogation. How was it? Didn’t it feel great? Smell your hands, come on now, smell your hands!! He seemed amused by my madness. He wasn’t as excited as I wanted him to be. Said it was all right. Meh!

After my second experience, I just HAD to have it – and I was now willing to pay the price. But finding it is not easy. It’s an Australian brand and is available only in a few cities in the world. Fortunately, they have one store in Singapore and that’s where I headed. I bought 2 bottles of Aesop Reverance Aromatique Hand Wash – one for me, and one for my husband (we have 2 different bathrooms – no space for his stuff in mine J).

When my husband entered his bathroom and saw the new, beautifully packaged brown bottle staring back at him, he gave me one of those what-am-I-going-to-do-with-you kind of looks. Then unfortunately, he saw the price tag – “You spent how much on this???!!”

Let’s fast forward to a few months later (this stuff lasts really long). His handwash is coming to an end. He coyly asks me to get him another bottle. “But it’s so expensive!” I chime with glee. “Yeah!” he says, “But there’s no going back!”

I rest my case.



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