Shu Uemura cleansing oil

8 thoughts on “Shu Uemura cleansing oil”

  1. I use the shu uemura blanc chroma cleansing oil and its a dream!!! ive repurchased the big bottle so many times, but now they’ve upped their price :/ I’ve purchased skin food’s black sugar cleansing oil and using it now. Its thicker and leaves an oil residue but still works as a makeup cleanser. Do you have any other oil cleansers you like?

    Also, i’ve been following your blog for the longest time, and its one of my favourites!!! totally right up my alley and super inspiring, so I made a blog last night 😀 xxx


    1. Thank you for your awesome feedback! It made my day 🙂

      As for other cleansing oils, Bobby Brown is also great, Caudalie is really good (available at Sephora) and DHC is super too. I hope this helps!


      1. Hi Delara i chanced upon your blog while looking for good products for my super greasy acne prone skin. Really liked reading through it, expecially your product reviews. I was wondering if good old cold pressed coconut oil or other oils could be used in place of a cleansing oil like the above? Thanks!


        1. Hey, that’s for the encouraging feedback! 🙂 I’ve personally tried cold compressed extra virgin coconut oil on my face and I broke out. The reason is that it’s a bit too thick for oily skin. These oils work brilliantly on dry-normal skin types that need more hydration. Which is why it’s very important to find a cleansing oil that suits your skin type. It saves you the hassle of clearing away new zits. Hope this helps, and please keep the questions coming!


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