Shu Uemura cleansing oil


Why cleansing your face will never be the same again.

I hated using makeup removers, which tend to strip my skin. The cleansing milks make my oily skin breakout. Using mineral oils does more harm than good. And just a facewash is not enough. Plus, the entire process is so messy – with the cotton balls and all.

This product changed the way I cleanse.
I chanced upon it in Japan. The beauty consultant at the store did a little demo on my hand and I was mesmerized. She took an 8-hour lipstick and rubbed it in, then a waterproof mascara and finally shimmer!
When this oil removed every speck without a trace, I was left gaping. Had I not seen it for myself I would have never believed it. Plus my skin felt soft, without a hint of greasiness. Oh, and did I mention how mess-free this was?

shu uemura

I brought home the bottle that’s meant for oily skin (there are different oils for different skin types) – Fresh Pore Clarifying Gentle Cleansing Oil. And have been using it ever since.

I take a single pump’s worth and smoothen it onto my face, eyelids, lips. I let it ‘sit’ for 20 seconds before massaging it in for about a minute. Then, I emulsify this oil by wetting my hands and massaging my skin for another 10-15 seconds. This step is super important. You have to emulsify it well in order for it to reach its full potential and take out all the gunk. Now I simply rinse it off and I’m done. No tissue, cotton ball or earbuds required. It removes everything. From grease to sunscreen to waterproof mascara.
The big plus, my oily skin is absolutely clean and free of any residue. Magic!



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