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6 thoughts on “Get in touch with me.”

  1. Hi, I downloaded the beauty button app but I can’t get past the which part of the world are you living in section. Ive tried to put in city, state, county. And even continent. But it just doesn’t allow me go to the next page, nor does it prompt a selection. Any suggestions on how to get past this would be appreciated.


    1. Hi!!! Thank u for writing in. There seems to be a technically error which the team is fixing ASAP. Do try again tomorrow and let me know if it works. Really appreciate the feedback!!


  2. Hi!
    I found out about your app from Facebook (a link that Payal Di shared). I must say I love it! It’s innovative and so simple.

    Thank you. You are an inspiration!


  3. Just started reading them, and its fab! Would love to read more about 30+ skin and hair regimes, which can be followed easily along with a 3 years old!
    Best, Mamta


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