Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream.


Is this must-have cult product all that it’s made out to be?

I had heard so much about this product. That is was created by none other than Elizabeth Arden herself over 80 years ago. That she used it to heal her thoroughbred horses’ bruised legs. That almost every beauty editor keeps one in her bag. That it’s won tons of awards.  So it is actually quite surprising that I hadn’t tried it yet. I guess I felt it was too old-school for me. I did try to pick it up a couple of times (just to see what all the fuss was about) but the smell put me off.

Then one day, on a flight my lips started to chap (as they always do on an airplane). I reached into my bag for my trusted lip balm only to realize that I’d left it behind. Damn it!

An hour later, my lips were literally burning and I was getting painful cracks in the corners due to the dryness. I quick browsed through the airplane catalogue and there it was! I just needed something…anything right now to soothe my tender lips. I didn’t overthink it. I just bought it considering it’s touted as a do-it-all cream.

I liberally smeared the thick gooey balm all over my swollen, aching, parched lips and immediately felt relief – it was nothing short of magical. Since I had squeezed out too much product in my desperation, I rubbed the excess into my cuticles and elbows.

By the time I left the plane (which was 4 hours later), my lips were fully healed. I didn’t even need to reapply it after my sucky airplane meal. My cuticles which normally peel on a flight, were intact. I was super impressed!!! I couldn’t believe it took me so long to try this brilliant product.

After that, I just went nuts. I was trying it on everything. My heels. My knees. Tiny cuts and scratches. On my shoulders (to treat a sunburn). On top of my eyelids (to make them shine)… It’s always worked!

The one thing I didn’t do was it put it on my face. It’s too thick and greasy, and I have really oily skin so I wasn’t going to risk it.

Overall, I’m thrilled I tried it. Can’t believe it took me so long. I now can’t stop raving about it and am beginning to sound like a groupie.



FullSizeRender 14 copy 2DELARA has spent over 10 years making beauty commercials for many renowned beauty brands (while gleefully trying out all those awesome products on herself). When she is not busy punching the keyboard, she is either in front of a mirror, lounging by the pool or changing her baby’s dirty diapers – all while chugging down cups and cups of Earl Grey tea.