Clarins Eye Revive Beauty Flash


Removes dark circles and puffiness in a FLASH!

WARNING: This product will make you look like you’ve had a full night’s sleep, when you haven’t!  

I had heard so many awesome things about this product – how it removes all traces of fatigue from the skin around your eyes. So I decided to put it through the ultimate grind.

The torture test was an 18-hour non-stop flight.
I got on the plane, put on my headphones and started the movie marathon! I also managed to get maybe 2 hours of disturbed sleep. So when I reached my destination, I was sure I looked deadbeat.

An hour before landing, I headed to the bathroom for the last minute spruce up. My eyes looked shadowy and swollen – as expected.
I dabbed on this eye cream and straightaway, I felt a cooling sensation. A nice little tingle. Hmmm… I liked how it felt!

Once I landed and was greeted by my friend (who had come to pick me up), she remarked, “You look like you had a good flight!”

What????? I hardly slept!

I pulled out my phone to get a quick look at my eyes. They seemed totally rested. Not a trace of the tiring, long flight. Dark circles were almost not visible. And the puffiness was completely gone! My skin felt tighter too. This was insane!!!!

Now, I use this eye cream as my emergency savior. It’s always in my bag. Working late? Pat it on.
Party time? Pat it on.
Dinner date? Pat it on.
Wedding season? Pat it on.
The list goes on and on.

The only problem is that when I stop using it, my eyes look weary and puffed-up again. So it’s not a long term remedy, but works brilliantly in the short term.

MY VERDICT: This product works super fast to make you look well-rested. It brightens and tightens skin in seconds. It’s the perfect SOS eye cream when you need quick, dramatic results. But it won’t work when you don’t have it on – so it won’t ‘cure’ the problem.

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