How much sunscreen should you actually be using?

How much sunscreen to apply

It’s much more than you think!

“How much sunscreen do I really need to apply on my face?”

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been asked this question.
But more interestingly, it’s the look on people’s face when I tell them the answer – ½ a teaspoon. There it is! That face you just made.

Next question: “Really?! Isn’t that too much?”
Actually, it’s just right. There’s a science to it.

It’s pretty boring, so bear with me…You need 2mg of sunscreen per 1cm2 of your skin.
To prevent you from yawning, experts have come up with the magic amount – ½ a teaspoon for your face. Not your neck. Not your chest. Just your face.


See, doing a full-on skincare routine is great! But it’s kind of pointless if you don’t use the right amount of protection. That’s because 80% of skin issues are the sun’s fault. So you really need to apply the right amount of sunscreen before stepping out.

Your day-cream or makeup with SPF is not enough.

Think about it, you need ½ tsp of plain sunscreen.
Now there’s no way a tiny dot of day-cream or makeup with SPF will give you that amount of protection. You are better off finding a sunscreen that works as a good base. Apply it well, let it set and then finish off with your makeup.

Also remember, sunscreen does not mean 100% protection, so stay in the shade as much as you can. Your skin will thank you!


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