Is your mask irritating the heck out of your skin?

When the pandemic began, our first line of defense was putting on a mask. But within just a few weeks of wearing one, I realised just how angry my skin gets every time I put one on.

And it lets me know exactly how angry it is by giving me either a rash, tiny pus-boils or full-fledged pimples. Sometimes all of the above.

After a lot of trial and error, I’ve finally come up with a solution, which I just have to share. So if you’re suffering (like I was), DON’T! Just follow these super easy steps to clear out your skin.

1. Use an acne product in your morning routine.

Best acne treatment

Now acne treatments are meant for the night. But these Covid-times are all crazy, so let’s just use it in the day as well.

Your morning skincare routine should look like this:
Cleanser – Acne Treatment – Moisturiser – Sunscreen

Important: Use the acne treatment only on the parts that are covered by the mask.
Acne products make your skin sensitive to sunlight, so it will burn if it’s exposed to the sun. So don’t be tempted to use it all over your face.

Don’t forget to use a sunscreen on all the parts of your face that are not covered by the mask. Yup, I’m talking about the forehead and eye area that’s most prone to sun damage.

Stuff I ❤️: Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel is the bomb. It’s so effective and so gentle at the same time. It’s expensive, but worth every penny.

2. Don’t re-use your cloth mask.

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We all sweat under a mask because we are breathing in it. So the environment inside a mask is very warm and humid – a perfect place for bacteria to grow.

Every time you re-use a cloth mask, you’re literally putting loads of bacteria on your skin. Hello acne and blemishes!
So wash your cloth mask daily. This essentially means you should own a few cloth masks (if you don’t already).

3. Dispose-off a disposable mask. Every single day.

Same as the above point. Tons of bacteria builds up in a mask. Every time you re-use it, you’re quite literally “applying” bacteria on your skin. Gross!
So change your disposable mask every day.

4. Wash your mask with baby detergent.

Facial skin can react to things you won’t believe. One of them is detergent.

To prevent a detergent-induced rash, make sure you wash your mask in a detergent made for sensitive skin. A baby detergent is a good idea.

5. Clean your face immediately after removing your mask.

Bioderma Sensibip H2O Micellar Water

Do you wash your hands as soon as you walk in the door? Great! Now wash your face too!

You need to get the bacteria that’s collected in your mask (and on your face) off as soon as possible.

Tip: Spend at least 1 whole minute massaging the cleanser into your skin before rinsing it off. Don’t be in a hurry.

Stuff I ❤️: Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water is go-to cleanser to remove makeup, dirt, oil… It removes all the icky stuff that clings on to my face within seconds. And the best part, I can see it all on the cotton pad. Sooo satisfying!


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