The Toxic Three: Top 3 common beauty ingredients you should avoid (and why)!

Toxic beauty ingredients you should avoid

When I got pregnant with my first baby, I had a shocking revelation – I couldn’t put most skincare products on my face!

It’s not safe for the baby, you see. Certain ingredients disrupt hormones. Some even cause cancer. Woah!!!!!

But then, what about me? Should I be even using this stuff on my face if it’s so bad??

I dug deeper and discovered that there are 1371 ingredients that have been banned by the EU. But almost everywhere else in the world, brands are using these dreadfully toxic ingredients. Now, I obviously couldn’t list them all, but here are the top 3 ingredients you should avoid at all costs.

1. Fragrance

fragrance a harmful skincare ingredient

Seriously, what’s so bad in that?!

The problem is that fragrance is packed with chemicals. Some can even contain as many as 100 different chemicals. That’s insane!

What’s really scary is that brands don’t need to reveal these chemicals to you as it’s considered a “trade secret”. All they have to do is list ‘fragrance’ as an ingredient. And without knowing it, you’re literally putting tons of bad crap on your skin that can really irritate the hell out of it.

2. Mineral oil

harmful skincare ingredient mineral oil

Huh? Isn’t that what baby oil is made of? Yes, and that’s terrifying AF.

Mineral oil actually comes from petroleum. And you wouldn’t think of putting that on your face would you?

Mineral oil forms a film over your skin, choking it! It literally acts as a sealant, preventing all the toxins from leaving your skin. So conditions like acne can get really bad.

3. Parabens

toxic ingredient beauty products Parabens

Parabens are actually preservatives.
They are the guys that prevent bacteria, mold and other icky stuff from growing in your beauty products.

So what’s so bad about them? They mimic the female hormone estrogen. This means they can lead to breast cancer and fertility issues. OMG!

In a nutshell, when buying a product, always turn it over and read that long list of chemical sounding ingredients to make sure these are not featured.
Stay safe, stay clear.


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