How to look amazing on a video call while you WFH!

how to look amazing on a video call when you work from home

Ok, so almost everyone is doing at least one of these things:
1. Not starting the video option during a video call.
2. Wearing shorts or pajamas during an important meeting.
3. Not putting on any makeup.
4. Not wearing a bra.

But there will be times you just have to get on a face-to-face video call and look all professional. So here are some super easy ways to look your best without actually spending an hour in front of the mirror. Because seriously, you are working from home and that’s just not normal.

Here’s how to look fab on a video call:

1. Do your hair.


If there is one thing you should do, it’s your hair. A messy look just won’t cut it. Feeling too lazy? Pull your hair back into a neat ponytail. This makes you look instantly more professional. And is great for days when you haven’t bothered to wash your hair.

2. Apply moisturizer and pinch your cheeks.

VideoToGif_GIF 2

This gives your skin an instant glow and brings it to life.
Also, no one expects you to wear a full face of makeup.

If you just can’t get yourself to go au naturel, add a drop of foundation to your moisturizer and dab a cheek stain on the apples of your cheeks. That’s more than enough.

3. Blot your T-zone.

If you’ve got a shiny T-zone, it’s going to be exaggerated on camera. Light reflects off the shiny spots and they look even more obvious. Keep tissues at hand and pat your T-zone just before the call. Easy-peasy!

4. Give your eyelashes a flick of olive oil.

Long curly eyelashes with olive oil

Forget the mascara. Instead, dip a clean mascara wand into some olive oil and apply on your lashes. It will make your eyelashes look nice and long, and your eyes look wider and more awake.

5. Dab your lips with a tinted lip balm.


This gives your face a hint of colour without trying too hard.
Dark or bright lipsticks are a complete no-no! They look way too harsh on the computer screen.

6. Find your angle.

before and after pictures with correct angleThe camera should be at your eye level – never lower.
Looking down at a camera is almost never flattering. Even a supermodel can’t ace this crappy angle.

You might need to keep something on your desk to raise the camera up to your eye level. I just use a stack of books.

Another cool trick is to always look at the camera (not the screen), so it feels like you’re making eye contact with the other person.


7. Find the light.


Make sure the light is in front of you. Never behind you.
That way, your face is brightened and minor flaws get blurred out.

So, set your computer up in front of a window — you should be looking out.
If the window is at your back, you’ll look like a dark blob.

One rookie mistake is to sit under a light source. Never do that. You will look like you’ve got dark under eye circles. And girl, panda eyes look cute only on pandas.

8. Choose the right background.


The background should be minimalistic and not packed with things because that can be really distracting. No one is looking at how pretty you are if the background is all messy.

9. Wear Friday attire.

Ditch the shirt or jacket. I mean, come on! You’re WFH.
Wear your casual Friday attire instead. It should feel relaxed (coz you’re home), but also professional. Oh, and don’t forget to wear your bra!! 😉

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