When should you throw your beauty products out?

when to toss your skincare products

I don’t think twice throwing out spoilt milk (obviously!), but for some strange reason, I find it really, really, really hard to get rid of my skincare products.

But every time I’ve resisted the urge to throw a product out, my skin gets crazy mad at me (read breakouts, dullness and crappy-looking skin)!

So, here’s a cheat-sheet of when to bid your skincare products adieu.

When to throw your product out.

  • If it’s changed colour.
  • If it’s separated into a runny, lumpy mess.
  • If it’s developed a strange odour.
  • If it’s passed its expiry date.


But if none of these have happened, here’s a guideline of when you should toss your products out once you’ve opened them:

when to toss your skincare prodicts

Now that you know when, say goodbye on time. 👋

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