My secret to good skin is changing my facial towel every fricking day!

The secret to glowing skin is changing my face towel daily

Whenever I tell someone that they should be using a clean, new towel on their face every day, they look at me as if I’ve gone bat-shit crazy!

But seriously, think about it. When you wipe your face, dead skin cells and bacteria attach themselves on to your towel. The disgusting bacteria immediately starts multiplying. I mean, what else do they have to do? And that warm, moist bathroom air just doubles their pleasure. Ewww!

Now think about what happens when you re-use a towel day after day.

Towel is full of bacteria

Every time you wash your face and wipe it, you’re putting back truckloads of disgusting bacteria on it!

So if you’re on the journey to get great skin (I mean, who isn’t?), do your skin a favour and change your facial towel. Every. Single. Day.

Tip: Whatever you do, DO NOT SHARE A FACE TOWEL! Don’t make me explain this one.

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