The easiest and cheapest way to get clear glowing skin

The easiest and cheapest way to get clear, glowing skin!

Here’s what beauty brands don’t want you to know.

Let me start by saying that skincare products are absolutely essential. They really do help you improve your skin. But there are other things (apart from products) that contribute to that lit-from-within glow that you are after. And these things are FREE.

Beauty brands want you to believe it’s only by using products that you can get glowing skin, and that’s not true.

Here’s a lowdown on super easy stuff you can do daily that will give you that illusive glow.

1. Sleep more. Much more. A good night's sleep can give you better skin

Ever wondered why you come back from a holiday with better skin? It’s the sleep!
While you sleep, your skin heals itself. More sleep means more time for the body to repair the damage you’ve done during the day.

If you get less than 7 hours of sleep, your skin is going to look dull and tired the next morning.

Poor sleep is the reason for almost every skin problem – from dullness, puffiness, acne, dark circles to even fine lines!

If you really want clear, glowing skin, you need more than 8 hours of quality sleep every single night!

2. Go to bed early.

Beauty sleep gives you clear, glowing skin

Your skin goes into “repair mode” at the exact same time every night!

8pm – 11pm is the time for hydration.
11pm – 3am is the time for nutrition and repair.
3am -5 am is the time for resting.

So if you want that killer glow, make sure you’re in bed before 11pm!

3. Drink a glass of water right before you sleep.

Drinking more water improves your skin

Most of us don’t drink water at night because we don’t want to wake up to pee. But actually, drinking water just before bed is what your skin really needs.

You see, skin loses moisture when you sleep. So it gets dehydrated and can’t repair itself as well as it should.

So do your skin a favour, and drink up before bed – even if that means waking up for a wee during the night.

4. Do NOT skip your night-time skincare routine.

Morning skincare routine

Most of us get tired (or lazy) by evening. Watching TV or checking Instagram is definitely more fun than getting up and completing your night-time skincare routine. But you really must.

Your night-time skincare routine is like dinner for your skin. And you don’t want to skip it because your skin needs all the nutrients to repair itself faster.

By consistently doing your night-time routine (no matter how annoying), your skin will improve and before you know it, you will wake up with skin that is stronger, clearer and fresher.

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