Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator

Intense hydration for your skin

Oh. My. God. It is soooooo good.

This is one of those products I tell everyone about. And till date, I haven’t met someone who has used it and hasn’t liked it. Because it’s really good (did I say that already?)!

So what makes this product a winner?

Best gel moisturiser

1. It’s a ridiculously hydrating gel.

It’s got a cooling, light gel texture that your skin just soaks up within seconds. You can barely see it on your skin, but you can feel it in your skin! It literally feels like a water-filled sponge. Pure satisfaction.

2. The hydration lasts and lasts.

I honestly don’t think it lasts for 72 hours (because let’s be real, we cleanse every 12 hours!), but it does last all day.

3. It works on oily skin AND dry skin!

Yup, it doesn’t matter whether your skin is super greasy or really flaky, you will love this stuff. Packed with hyaluronic acid, this moisturizer gives your skin what it’s craving – moisture!

4. It’s not greasy. Just dewy.

This is a big one. Immediately after applying, your skin will look fresh and glowing – never greasy or shiny.

5. It calms and soothes your skin.

It’s infused with aloe water that calms down angry skin. I use over my acne treatment to help my skin heal faster. It literally cools and soothes my skin, preventing any sort of peeling.

MY VERDICT: If you’re looking for a moisturizer that’s hydrating, but not greasy, this one is for you. It’s simple, basic and absolutely fabulous!


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