Does wearing sunglasses really prevent wrinkles?

After reading this, you won’t want to take your sunglasses off!

  • What’s not to love about sunglasses?!
  • They make you look hotter (and cooler) in seconds.
  • They make your face look more symmetrical.
  • They glam up any outfit.
  • Oh and yes, they protect your eyes too.

But what you probably didn’t know is that sunglasses also prevent wrinkles from forming around your eyes!

What happens when you step out on a sunny day without wearing sunglasses? You squint and frown. Now do this often, and you get crow’s feet, frown lines and wrinkles! Eeeeks!

So wearing sunglasses every time you step out actually helps prevent wrinkles! This is the coolest skin tip ever.

walking in and out.jpg

BEWARE: Don’t wear aviators. Wait, what?!
I know, they are so cool, but sorry! You see, the metal frames reflect sunlight on the tops of the cheeks, causing them to burn. So if you wear them often, chances are you will get sun spots on your cheeks! Instead, choose sunglasses with plastic frames. The bigger, the better!

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