How to get spotless skin (and hair) after playing Holi!

Your guide to getting off those Holi colours.

Prevent the colours from staying on your skin and hair for the next few days.

Oil your body and hair an hour BEFORE you play Holi. Use either coconut or olive oil and really massage it into your skin and hair. This acts as a protective barrier and doesn’t let the colour stick for long.

Putting oil on your face may not be the best idea (especially if your skin is on the greasier or sensitive side). Instead, liberally use a waterproof sunscreen. It also acts as a barrier so the colours don’t enter your skin. Plus, it protects you from the getting a sunburn.

Tip: Don’t forget to oil your ears, eyelashes and eyebrows too. These areas are often neglected and end up with the maximum colour.

How to protect your skin from getting damaged this Holi

How to remove all the colour afterwards

Face: Now is the time to double cleanse.
First, use a makeup remover to clean up all the colour.  Then, follow it up with a good facewash to remove all the residue.

Body: Use a loofah to gently scrub off the colour. Just don’t go overboard and scrub too hard as that will damage your skin and make it raw and red.

Hair: Shampoo your hair twice to make sure all the colour is out. Then condition it from the tips to your ears. You may want to add some extra conditioner and leave it on for about 10 minutes and then rinse.

Holi Skin Care Regimen

How to not end up with multi-coloured nails!

Apply a clear, top-coat of nail paint the night before. After playing Holi, just remove the nail paint. Voila! Clean nails.

How to avoid getting a rash afterwards.

Use organic colours to play Holi because most colours are packed with metals.
Once you’re back and washed up, apply aloe vera gel all over your face and body to soothe your skin.

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