Jade Rollers: The latest ‘miracle’ beauty tool.

The internet is going mad over the Jade Roller. Like seriously, nuts!

Everywhere you look, there are pictures of this green-stone tool that supposedly gives you killer cheekbones, brighter skin, boosts blood circulation, removes puffiness, stimulates collagen production…the list keeps getting longer every time I check.

So what the heck is a Jade Roller?

It’s a simple skin tool that comes with two green jade stones: One big, one small.

All you have to do gently massage the stones over all your face after you’ve applied moisturizer or serum. The larger stone is to massage along your jawline, cheekbones and forehead. While the smaller stone is for de-puffing eyes – since jade is slightly cold and the massage stimulates lymphatic drainage.


Does it work?

Well, maybe a little. But I was not impressed.

Massage is great for your skin. We all know that. That’s why your skin always looks good after a facial. But if you gently massage your skin everyday (using your fingers), you will see the exact same results as you would using a Jade Roller.

You really don’t need to invest in a tool when you can simply use your fingers (best things in life are free!).

Another bummer, you have to wash it every time you use it, otherwise your skin can break-out. Just too much effort.

MY VERDICT: Don’t waste your money or time on this. If you really want brighter, rested-looking skin, drink more water, get more sleep and follow a skincare routine.


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