Dr. Scheller Pomegranate Facial Lotion

The most refreshing toner you will ever use

The most refreshing toner you will ever use.

I had pretty much given up on toners after my teens. But when the ‘glass skin’ trend became the rage, I started looking for that perfect toner that would give me dewy, hydrated, glowing skin.

Now the problem was that the toners I grew up using were pure hell. They were super astringent, alcohol-filled liquids that would sting the crap out of my zit-flecked skin. They made my oily skin feel all squeaky clean, but they did more harm than good.

Thankfully the toners of today are nothing like their harsh counterparts of the 90’s.In fact, they are the exact opposite. The new generation of toners are hydrating and soothing. I just needed to find one that my oily skin would love.

Enter Dr. Scheller Pomegranate Facial Lotion.

The name is so deceptive. It sounds clinical because of the word ‘Doctor’ and gives the impression of being a moisturizer because of the word “lotion”. But let me tell you it’s neither.

Here’s the complete lowdown on this awesome stuff (it’s definitely a toner):

1. It is made WITHOUT all the nasty ingredients.

I love products that are natural and not bursting at the seams with chemicals. This is one such product.

It is does NOT have parabens, sulphates, silicones, mineral oils, gluten or synthetic colouring agents. And it is not tested on animals. Whew!

2. It is made with pomegranate and aloe vera.

Ah, the good stuff.

Pomegranates are sooooo good for your skin. They are packed with anti-oxidants that help undo all the damage done to your skin by pollution, smoking, poor diet…etc. They even boost your skin’s collagen levels – which is a complicated way of saying that it keeps your skin firm and supple.

And then there’s aloe vera. What makes aloe so amazing is its anti-inflammatory powers. It calms skin down like nothing else can. So whether is acne or rashes or dryness or itchiness or sunburn, aloe will make it all ok.

The most refreshing facial toner ever.

3. It is wonderfully hydrating.

Within just seconds of sweeping a cotton ball drenched in this toner all over my face, my skin plumps up with moisture. Almost like a sponge that has been soaked in water. It’s a ridiculously satisfying feeling. Aaaaaah!

4. It makes my skin all dewy and glowy.

After cleansing (which robs my skin of all the moisture), this toner is the first step in hydrating my skin. Because it’s so hydrating (it’s the watery kind of moisture, not the creamy kind), my skin gets a fresh, dewy look that’s not at all greasy.

This is the perfect toner if you want ‘glass skin’.

5. It smells so refreshingly calming.

Sigh! This product has the most delightful smell. In the mornings, it wakes me up. In the evenings, it calms me down. I don’t know how they did it, I’m just glad they did!

6. It shrinks my humungous pores.

As anyone with oily skin will tell you, pores are a BIG issue. This toner has the ability to plump up my skin while simultaneously shrinking my pores.

toner is an important step

7. It does a fab job prepping my skin for the other skincare products that follow.

Skincare products work best on moist, damp skin. When your skin is bone dry, products just sit on top and don’t give you the results you are after.

This toner does an amazing job is keeping your skin moist so that all the other products can go deeper into your skin – where they can work better.

8. It’s for all skin types!

That’s the best part. It’s so mild and gentle, anyone can use it.

If you have oily or combination skin, it will balance it.
If you have dry skin, it will hydrate and plump it up.
If you have sensitive skin, it will soothe and calm it down.

Toner is an important step in skincare routine
The final look – clean and dewy.


FINAL VERDICT: Infused with pomegranate and aloe, this natural toner hydrates, calms, soothes, tones and preps your skin for the rest of your routine. If you’re confused about whether you should use a toner or not, give this one a try. It will make you realize why a toner is so important in your skincare routine.

If you’re wondering where you can get it from, it’s available online at Sublime Life.

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