Do you actually need to wash your face in the morning?

Wash your face in the morning

And what happens if you don’t.

A lot of people say you don’t need to wash your face in the morning. Why would you? You washed it at night, and you didn’t go anywhere, so it’s clean. Right?


If you want clear, glowing skin, you must wash your face every morning. Here’s why.

1. You wake up with dead skin cells stuck to your skin. Ewww!

While you’re sleeping, your skin repairs itself. So you shed dead skin cells to make way for new healthy cells. But most of the dead cells are stuck to your face – so you need to wash them off! If you don’t, your skin will look dull and there’s a chance you may breakout.

Sleep without makeup

2. Your face sweats when you sleep.

It’s true. Your body temperature rises while you sleep. So you sweat while you sleep – you just don’t realise it. If you don’t wash it off in the morning, your skin could get clogged pores, blackheads, whiteheads or worse.

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3. Your pillowcase is not as clean as you think.

Your clean-looking pillowcase actually has tons of dust, dirt, oils, product residue and dead skin cells! So every time your freshly washed face hits the pillow, all this gunk is transferred right back to your skin – so if you don’t wash it in the A.M., you’re literally asking for clogged pores, breakout and dullness.

never sleep with makeup on

4. Saliva and oils from your hair are transferred to your face.

Enough said.

Even oily skin needs a moisturiser

5. Skincare products work best on freshly-washed skin.

If you want fab skin, a morning skincare routine is non-negotiable.

So if you want your serum and moisturiser to go deep into your skin, it needs to be clean and moist. Otherwise it will just sit on top and not do it’s job well. Now that’s a waste of time and money.

So now that you know what happens when you don’t wash your face in the A.M., do your skin a favour and just wash it already!

Stuff I ❤️: Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser is a perfect morning cleanser. It’s mild, gentle even for sensitive skin and does a thorough job of removing the bad stuff, without stripping your skin.

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