Why you should cut your hair short if you want it to grow long!

Short hair to long hair in no time

Getting a haircut may be your best decision ever.

I’ve had long, wavy hair for as long as I can remember. So when I chopped it off, everyone around me was aghast!

“Why did you cut it off??” was the initial response. Followed by, “It does make you look years younger!”

 So, why did I cut it off? To make it grow longer actually.

This may sound crazy but it’s true. Here’s why it makes perfect sense:

 1. Your hair stops growing…beyond a point.

How to make your hair long and strong

The further away your tips are from the root, the older it is. Old hair is super vulnerable to split ends. And those horrible split ends start travelling upwards – making your entire hair weak. Your weak hair starts to break in the middle, so no matter how much you try, just doesn’t grow longer.

When you chop off all the split ends, your hair stops breaking and starts growing. Yay!

Tip: Make sure you condition your hair every time you shampoo it. Add a little bit extra to your tips and wait for 5 mins before rinsing to make sure they never dry out and split.

 2. Your hair doesn’t shine the way it used to.

Make your hair shine

Hair that’s further away from the scalp has less shine as the natural oils don’t reach it. Which is why the lower part of your hair tends to look more dry and dull.

When you cut your hair short, the natural oils from your scalp can reach the tips. So it looks glossy, thick and healthy.

To make sure it looks shiny even as it grows out, you need to oil it 2-3 times a week. That way, when it reaches the length you want, it’s still lustrous.

Tip: After a hair wash, always apply a hair serum or argan oil to the ends to keep them moisturised and glossy.

 3. Your hair is everywhere! 

Wavy hair that's long, strong and thick

Do you freak out just a little every time you take a shower? Are strands and strands and strands and strands of hair falling out? Do you find your hair on your pillow, in your drain, in your food…? Yuck! 🤢

That’s because longer hair is weaker, gets more tangled and damaged by pollution.

When you get a haircut, your hair fall immediately reduces. The hair closer to the roots is always thicker and stronger, so not only does it look fuller, it doesn’t fall as much.

Now that your hair is stronger, you need to keep it that way. The best way to do that is to take Fish Oil and Vitamin supplements every morning with your breakfast. This makes your hair grow faster and thicker. So you can actually get longer, stronger hair!

Tip: Sleep on a silk pillowcase. Pillowcases made of cotton or linen can pull and tangle your hair while sleeping. The slippery texture of silk keeps your hair silky, long, and knot-free.

Now that you know why you need to snip your hair, the real question is, “Will you make the cut?”

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