Foreo Luna Play.

Foreo Luna Play for morning and evening routine

Would you wash your face with a ‘sex toy’?

I love love love (did I mention love?) cleansing.

There’s something so therapeutic about removing all the gunk from your face at the end of each day. Nothing beats that weightless feeling. Sigh!

I’m literally obsessed with making sure I remove every single trace of dirt, grime, sweat, sunscreen and other crap that’s stuck to my skin. Which is why I always double cleanse every single night.

However, I am a little lazy when it comes to exfoliating my skin (horror of horrors!).
I know how amazing scrubbing my skin is. But I’m just sooooo tired. So I tend to leave exfoliation for the weekends, for which I feel very guilty. Until I met the Foreo.

Foreo Luna Play night routine

So what does this funny little device do?

I saw it in Sephora and just had to have it. Mainly because it looked so cute – like a little toy. And it’s hot pink. I mean, that’s a winner right there!

But here’s what’s even cooler. It’s a modern silicon face brush that exfoliates your skin as you cleanse. You just put a drop of your cleanser on it, press the vibrating button (yup, it massages your skin as you wash), and rotate it over your face. Once, you’re done, you just switch off the button and rinse (it’s waterproof of course!). No fingers needed. The brush does it all.

It does a damn good job of exfoliating.

This is the real reason I got it (the cuteness quotient helped though).
I use it every other morning while cleansing. So I don’t need to feel guilty of not using a scrub.

It is gentle on my skin as it brushes away all those annoying dead skin cells that have built up over the night and try to diminish my skin’s brightness.

My skin feels and looks super clean, soft and even.

It’s hygienic.

You use it, rinse it and forget about it.

It’s portable.

It is tiny and light – perfect for travel. And putting into your purse.

It’s affordable.

Unlike the Clarisonic brush (which I also love), it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. You can buy it on a whim and not feel so bad.

It can be mistaken for a sex toy.

It’s hot pink. It vibrates. It’s in the bathroom. Enough said.

FINAL VERDICT: It’s an easy-to-use cleansing device that will change the way you wash your face. Using your fingers will now feel…ummm… not as good!


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