Why you should NEVER sleep with your make up on. Ever!

Why you should not sleep with makeup on, sleeping with makeup on is the worst thing you can do to your skin, Beauty Button, The Beauty Wonderland, Delara Lalwani

8 terrifying reasons that should totally put you off sleeping in makeup.

“I was sooooo tired.”
“I was feeling lazy.”
“I passed out while watching TV.”
“The bed was calling my name.”

Whatever your excuse for not washing up before you hit the pillow, sleeping with your makeup on is one of the worst things you can do to your skin. Even if you’re wearing “just a little”.

Here’s what really happens to your skin when you sleep with makeup on. (Warning: It’s scary!)

You should never sleep with makeup on, sleeping in makeup is bad for skin, Beauty Button, The Beauty Wonderland, Delara Lalwani1. You are choking your pores and inviting breakouts.

When you go to sleep without washing your face, sweat, dirt, oils and stale makeup – all get trapped into your pores – literally choking and clogging them.

Clogged pores = bumps + whiteheads + blackheads + pimples.

Not-so-fun fact: Did you know that makeup can actually stretch the pore and make it look bigger?

2. You skin tone becomes uneven.

Your skin repairs itself while you sleep at night. But when you have makeup on, your pores get blocked and your skin can’t heal itself properly. So you wake up with dull, uneven and patchy skin.

After just one night of sleeping with your makeup on, your skin takes a whole week to return to its original form!

1 minute to clean your face is so much easier than 1 week of shitty skin. It’s just not worth all the trouble.

Sleeping in makeup, things that happen to your skin when you sleep in makeup, never go to bed with makeup, Beauty Button, The Beauty Wonderland, Delara Lalwani, eyeliner3. Your skin gets super dehydrated.

While you snooze, makeup sucks the moisture right out of your skin. So you wake up to dehydrated, dry, flaky skin.

One night of sleeping with makeup on disturbs the delicate moisture balance of your skin and sets you back by days.

It makes so much more sense to just cleanse and moisturize your skin at night, so that it can lock in the moisture and balance itself.

4. Overnight, your skin will look older.

It’s not just makeup that you’re taking off. Your face has also collected dirt, sweat and pollution over the course of the day.

So if you don’t cleanse at night, these toxins break down your skin’s collagen (the stuff that keeps you looking younger). When your skin doesn’t produce enough collagen, it starts aging faster than it should. And before you know it, lines and wrinkles crop up. Take that makeup off already!

never sleep in makeup, why you should not sleep with makeup, Delara Lalwani, The Beauty Wonderland, Beauty Button5. Your eyes will get puffy (and bumpy).

When you don’t remove every tiny bit of your eyeliner, kajal (kohl) and mascara, the tiny hair follicles and oil glands on your eyelids get clogged. This leads to small bumps cropping up.

To protect your eyes from a possible infection, your immune system kicks in by swelling up. So you wake up with swollen, puffy, red eyes. Yikes!!!

6. Your eyelashes will break.

Here’s another reason to remove mascara.
When you leave mascara on all night, it makes your lashes become dry and brittle, making them break easily. So instead of getting long curly lashes, you are left with short, straight lashes. Horrifying!

Never sleep in makeup, what happens when you sleep with makeup, Beauty Button, The Beauty Wonderland, Delara Lalwani

7. Your lips get all chapped and flaky.

Your lipstick will draw out all the moisture from your lips if you leave it on too long. So when you wake up, you’re unpleasantly greeted with painful, cracked, flaky lips.

Just remove that damn lipstick and use a lip balm before falling asleep. It will make your life so much easier!

8. Your pillow is now a playground for bacteria.

When you wear your makeup to bed, you leave behind makeup residue on your pillowcase. The next night, when you do clean your skin, you’ll be sleeping on a bacteria infested pillow – so the gross stuff is back on your freshly cleaned skin!

It is a vicious cycle…so make sure you break it by washing your face every single night (and change your pillow covers often too).


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