How to detox your skin. (And why you should do it right now!)

21 thoughts on “How to detox your skin. (And why you should do it right now!)”

  1. Hiii.i read ur article regarding steaming ur face.i just wnted to ask u for how long w shud steam our face n secondly shud w scrub after steaming??
    Pls tell as i hv my marriage in 3 months.
    Pls do tell a gud bleaching agent also means which is best?


    1. Hi Manpreet, sorry for a delayed reply.
      Firstly, congrats on your wedding! Secondly, you can scrub your face before or after steaming – it’s a personal choice.
      Some feel that scrubbing first helps remove dead skin cells and the steam can penetrate better. Others believe that the steam opens up the pores and the scrub can work better. I personally prefer scrubbing before steaming because I use a moisturiser immediately afterwards and it goes deep and I get an amazing glow.
      I don’t endorse bleaching agents as I think they do more harm that good. Instead, I prefer using serums with Vitamin C that lighten and brighten skin. I also like home remedies such as masks made of Besan + Chandan + Milk + Rosewater + Haldi. These act as a good scrub and leave your skin feeling smooth and radiant.
      All the best for your big day!

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    1. The best lip balm ever is Smith’s Rosebud Salve. It’s simply amazing and a pot lasts a whole year! BUT it’s hard to get your hands on so if you know anyone travelling abroad, please ask for it. It’s usually available at Sephora.

      The others that I also love are:
      Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Dark Chocolate & Cherry Lip Butter and Avène Cold Cream Lip Balm!


  2. Hai look so thin and thin but my tummy has litle extra fat..will hot water with lemon and honey can be drinken in the morning to reduce fat.


  3. Hai delara!lips are getting dark and dry day by patches appears.are my lips dehydrated.?why is it getting dark suddenly.?can you suggest some good tips?


    1. Hi Sana, your lips are getting dehydrated. You need to treat them with extra love. You need to scrub it gently and then apply a heavy coat of lip balm. Take some oil (coconut or olive and add some sugar). Rub this on your lips as a scrub for 1 minute. Then rinse. Let the oil residue remain on your lips. Then immediately use Vaseline (or a lip balm of your choice). In the day use a lip balm which contains SPF (sunscreen) so your fragile lips don’t burn and tan. Also, don’t lick your lips. It makes them get even more dry. Keep a lip balm handy at all times to do damage control. Make sure you’re drinking lots of water through to day to stay hydrated from the inside as well. Darkening happens for a number of reasons – dryness, sunburn, vitamin deficiency, hormones… so let’s at least try and correct the dryness and sun tan aspect of it. If it works, great! If not, maybe you need to see a Dermat.


  4. Hai!you have mentioned that you have used besan,turmeric,rose water,milk as a pack.can lemon juice be added to this pack?is it good for skin?and how about milk?boiled milk or raw milk for oily skin?


    1. Hi!!!! Lemon juice is a bleaching agent but it can be harsh on the skin, when applied straight up. It can also irritate your skin, so I would personally not add it in. As for milk, both kinda work just fine, as the lactic acid in milk is what acts as a gentle exfoliant and smoothens the skin. Both boiled and raw milk have lactic acid.


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