Why I spent years creating an app that would make women feel confident without makeup or filters.

Beauty Button - Your Personal Skin Advisor

It all began with these two startling facts.

It broke my heart when I read this. 💔

Because it meant that a majority of women’s self-esteem depends on using ‘tools’ to make them appear more beautiful. That these women don’t genuinely feel beautiful or confident enough just as they are.

Having spent more than a decade in the Beauty Industry, I felt kind of responsible for feeding into these insecurities. And every time I saw a friend hiding behind makeup or a filter, I felt a flash of guilt.

Almost a year later, I quit my job.
I wanted to make a real difference. I wanted to give women the ‘right tools’ to actually feel beautiful and confident – no makeup or filters needed.

Beauty Button - Your Personal Skin Advisor

What do women really want?

This is the first question I asked myself and the hundreds of women I interviewed. The answer was astonishingly simple: Women want clear, glowing skin.

Women want clear, glowing skin.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it looks. Most women have either spots or blemishes or marks or large pores or dullness or shine or redness or…’something’ that is coming in the way of that perfect skin.

And so they turn to makeup and filters. To IMITATE clear, glowing skin.

“My skin is unique.”

After meeting with hundreds of women over the years, it became more and more obvious that women needed to solve their skin problems. But they just didn’t know how.

Here’s what almost every woman was saying:

“My skin is different from yours. What works for you may not work for me.”

This was why women are let down by skin care products recommended by family, friends, bloggers and celebrities. It’s because the products they tried were not suitable for either their skin type, age or skin problem.

Women need personalized skin advice.

And the only ones providing this service are dermatologists. But they are expensive and not every woman has the luxury of visiting one.

What do women with great skin have in common?

My extensive research took me to Korea and Japan – where women have the best skin in the world. What was their secret? What were they doing differently?

The answer lay in what they were doing similarly.
They all religiously followed a skin care ritual. Every morning and evening.
And their regimen consisted of products meant for their specific skin type only.

Helping women help themselves.

After years and years of research, along with a team of beauty and tech experts, I carefully and painstakingly designed BEAUTY BUTTON, an app that gives women the tools to improve their skin day by day, so that they can ultimately achieve clear, glowing skin.

It’s like having your own personal skin advisor on your phone.

So exactly how does Beauty Button make women more beautiful?

1. It asks YOU what your skin issues are.

Beauty Button solves your skin troubles

Ever gone to a beauty store and had the lady at the counter tell you what your skin is like? How does she know? She’s seen you for barely a few seconds.

Only you really know your own skin. You know what troubles you. And what you want to change. That is why the app asks you to tell us what you would like to improve.

2. It gives you a personalized skin care regimen that is unique to your skin type, age and skin problems.

Personalised skin care routine

Because your skin is different, the solutions cannot be the same as everyone else. One size definitely does not fit all. To really change your skin, you need a solution that’s meant just for you.

Beauty Button has a clever proprietary algorithm that took years to build.

This algorithm takes all your information (unique skin type, age, skin concerns, etc.) and serves up a skincare regimen just for you. It’s as personal as it gets.

3. Products are recommended based on your skin type, skin problems, age and even the weather!

Products are recommended based on your skin type, skin issue, age and weather

Everything is tailor-made for you. The suggested products keep your skin in mind. We’ve done all the hard work, so you can focus on improving your skin.

4. The Photo Compare feature lets you compare before and after photos – so you can see your skin literally transform in front of your eyes.

Compare before and after pictures

Within a few weeks of following a skin care ritual, you will start to notice your skin improve. In the beginning, the changes are small. But after a few months, the changes are more visible and dramatic.

The app allows you to see that transformation. So you know whether it is really working for you or not.

Beauty Button started out as a dream to do the right thing. Which is why it’s free. Today, it has thousands of users following regimens that improve not only their skin, but also their confidence.

App creates the perfect skincare routine for you

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