How sleeping is secretly aging you. (And what to do about it! )

Did you know that sleeping is the #2 cause of wrinkles?
I always thought that sleep prevented aging. I mean, how many times have you heard the term “Beauty sleep”? So what gives?

Well, sleep is still great for your skin, it’s your sleeping position that’s the problem.

If you sleep on either your stomach or side – with your face squished against the pillow, you’re actually causing fine lines and wrinkles to form. Ever woken up with pillow marks on your face? That’s a sneak peek into the long-term damage you’re doing.

So what do you do? Sleep on your back!


When you sleep on your back, your face is not being squashed against a pillow, so no sleep lines are being formed. Simple!

Sleeping on your back is also a great if you usually wake up with a puffy face or eyes because this position allows fluid to drain properly.

Like most people who’ve slept on their side their whole life, I found it really hard to sleep on my back. But after a few weeks of trying (and getting crappy sleep), I woke up one morning having spent the entire night on my back! I’m now finally a ‘BACK SLEEPER’!

Tip: If you just CANNOT sleep on your back, try using a silk pillow case instead. Because silk is more ‘slippery’, the sleep creases formed are not as deep and pronounced. It’s not as good as sleeping on your back, but it’s way better than sleeping on your cotton pillow.

So tonight, remember to face the ceiling! Sweet dreams ❤️


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