5 ridiculously easy ways to keep your hands and feet super soft, all through winter. (No mani-pedi needed!)

Who likes dry, cracked hands and feet, please raise your…ahem…hands?!

The answer is seriously a no-brainer.

The problem is that every winter, your hands and feet get super dry. That’s because they don’t have any oil glands like the rest of your skin. So you need to give them extra love and care to stay smooth and soft.

Here’s how you can make sure you have the softest paws in town this winter.

 1. Go mental with your moisturizer.

hands and feet 3.JPG

Just applying a hand and foot cream and covering them with gloves or socks is just NOT enough!

If you want seriously soft and pretty mitts, you really need to overload the moisturizer.

First, rub olive oil all over your hands and feet. Then massage coconut oil into your cuticles and nails. Follow this up with a thick layer of your hand and foot cream. And finish it off with a layer of Vaseline. Now you can put on your gloves and socks to lock-in all the moisture.

Sweet dreams! 🙂

2. Use your face cream on your hands and feet during the day.


Nobody wants to get greasy moisturizer all over their phone, bag, computer…
Same thing with feet – applying a cream makes your feet too slippery, it destroys your shoes, makes feet dirty…

Relax, there’s a way around it.

Apply an oil-free or gel facial moisturizer during the day – it gets absorbed in a flash. So now, you don’t have to leave your fingerprints all over the place.
High Five!

3. Scrub away the dryness.

You can put all the moisturizer you want, but unless your remove the dry, dead skin on top, you won’t get the results you’re looking for.

For your hands: Mix 1 tsp of sugar with 1 tsp of olive oil and gently scrub your hands in a circular motion. Olive oil is packed with moisturizing omega-3 fatty acids, while the sugar buffs away all rough, dry skin. Do this every other day for the softest hands ever.

For your feet: At the end of your bath, once the steam has softened your skin, use a foot file or pumice stone to scrub away the build-up of dead skin. Within 3 minutes of stepping out of the shower, you must apply your foot cream to prevent the moisture from escaping.

4. Make your nails super strong.


Have you noticed how easily your nails chip and break during winter?

Less moisture = dry nails = weak nails.

Which is why you need to moisturize your nails too! I like to add a thin layer of petroleum jelly over the moisturizer to seal the moisture in.

Tip: Chop tiny pieces of garlic in your transparent nail polish. Garlic makes nails super strong and resistant to breaking. When you apply it, it will stink for just a few minutes and then the smell will disappear. Your nails will be tough as…ummm…nails!

 5. Take your vitamins for shiny, long nails. 

hands - strawberry.JPG

Pregnant women swear their nails grow faster, are stronger and shinier. It’s actually the prenatal supplements that do this.

A shortage of Vitamin B and Omega 3 leads to ridged nails, while a calcium deficiency can make your nails brittle and dry that chip off easily.

So pop a fish oil and calcium supplement everyday to get the healthiest nails ever.


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