7 major mistakes women with oily skin make.

I’m an oily skin ‘owner’. I have an oil-well hidden somewhere inside my skin.
I often joke that countries can go to war over the amount of oil my skin produces.

The only solace I got is that my skin would look better when I get older. But the fact is that I wasn’t looking my best when I should have been. And then I learnt why. I had been going about it all wrong!!!

So I’ve listed down some of the things that most of us oily skin owners believe and why they are not exactly accurate.

Mistake 1: “I need to wash my skin at least 4 times a day to remove the oil.”purity-magazine-copy

STOP WASHING IT SO MUCH! I know this goes against instinct, but over cleansing, especially with products that are drying is only going to make the situation worse. That’s because when you strip…

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