How to get smooth, pore-less, sexy Instagram-worthy legs.

Who doesn’t want knockout gams to rock that skirt? But most of us have to deal with leg skin issues, from ingrown hair to strawberry legs (dark pores) to cuts, nicks and bruises. Rarely do we get those flawless legs of our dreams. Don’t fret, help is just a few paragraphs away 😉

Read on to find out how to get legs you (and your man) won’t want to keep your hands off.

1. Give your legs a regular scrub.

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Scrub your legs every other day to unclog pores and allow the hair that’s tucked under the skin (ingrowths) to be lifted up, so you can remove it fast and easily.

Start from your ankles and move all the way up to your butt. Pay extra attention to parts that are more prone to dryness, open pores and ingrowths. Doing this for 3-5 minutes should do the trick.

Important: If you wax your legs, don’t exfoliate for the first 2 days after your wax job as your skin is still tender and sensitive. But it’s super important to start exfoliating on Day 3 as this is when your skin closes over the hair follicles and your new hair can get trapped underneath.

2. Moisturize every single day. Twice a day.

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Don’t ever miss this step. Dryness is your legs’ worst enemy. Legs look sexy and glamorous only when they are smooth and shiny.

Moisturizer also helps reduce ingrown hair. How?
By moisturizing your legs, you make your skin softer, so the growing hair can easily push through it, instead of digging back into your skin. Aha!

If you’re a ‘shaver’, you may end up with the occasional nick and cut. As any plastic surgeon will tell you, the best way to heal a scar is to keep it moisturized. So your body lotion will literally soothe and repair all those tiny, but oh-so-noticeable marks.

Stuff I love: Look for lotions that contain cocoa or shea butter, urea or aloe gel. These ingredients are known to soothe and heal scars. My personal favourite is Palmer’s Cocoa Butter. It really makes my legs super soft, glossy and fades away the marks too.

3. Dab a pimple cream.

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You need to unclog pores and ingrowths, just like you would a pimple.
So acne treatments that contain glycolic acid, salicylic acid, Retin-A or benxoyl peroxide work wonders. Just dab a little bit of product on the areas that need it.

Do this every night for 2 weeks and you will notice your pores getting smaller and your ingrowths coming to the surface faster.

Beware: You must STOP using acne products 2 weeks before you wax. That’s because acne products keep sloughing off your skin making it thin. When you wax your thin skin, it can get very sensitive and painful. It can also lead to scarring. So stop way in advance.

Tip: Always always always follow the acne treatment with a moisturizer. Acne treatments tend to dry your skin and you want your skin to be smooth, not flaky. So it’s super important to moisturize immediately after.

4. Let your legs breathe.

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This may sound absurd but you should wear shorts, skirts and dresses more often!

That’s because the biggest cause of strawberry legs and ingrown hair is actually tight clothing such as leggings, skinny jeans, stockings…!
Your hair is trying to push it’s way out of your skin, but the tight clothing blocks the surface, so your hair has no other option but to curl back into your skin. It’s a vicious cycle!

Give your legs a breather by wearing airy loose clothes. If you’re too conscious to go short, wear cotton maxi dresses and long skirts instead. You will see an immediate reduction in your spots once you stop choking your legs.

5. Always prep your legs before you wax or shave.

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For waxers:
3 days before you wax your legs, make sure you scrub them daily. By doing this, you’re making sure all the dead skin comes off. The less dead skin, the easier for the wax to reach the hair, therefore less pull, which means less pain.

For shavers:
If you’re shaving your legs, leave the shaving towards the end of your shower so that the steam opens up your pores and hair follicles. Now exfoliate your legs with a grainy body scrub using firm circular strokes. Rinse off completely.
Then generously apply a foaming shave gel or shower gel. And most importantly, use a fresh new blade if you want a good, close, smooth shave. Every. Single. Time.
Yes good razor blades aren’t cheap, but just think of how much trouble you have to go through later…it’s just not worth it.

6. Go bare on the day of your waxing appointment.

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Would you ever go to a dentist without brushing your teeth? Then why go for a wax without thoroughly cleaning your legs?

Make sure you wash and gently exfoliate your legs right before the appointment to make the job much easier and less painful.

Do NOT use lotion before your waxing. Just go bare. You want the wax to properly grip your hair.

7. The length of your hair should be ‘just right’.

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¼ inch or 6mm is the ideal length your hair should be while waxing.

If your hair is too short, the wax can’t grip it well enough so you will be left with tiny hair. When it’s too long, the wax is unable to properly cling to the root, causing more pain when pulled. It can also result in the hair snapping mid-way.

Either way, you won’t get that total smoothness you’re looking for. So always book your appointment when your hair is at the perfect length.

Try this religiously and you will definitely notice a marked improvement in skin texture and evenness. It takes at least a month to see a real difference. So don’t give up too soon.

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