Why DOUBLE CLEANSING is the latest skincare rage. And how it can transform your skin.

The Double Cleansing Method


The minute you leave your home, your skin starts fighting.
Fighting with pollution. Fighting with the sun. Fighting with the weather. Fighting with your makeup… And by the end of the day, it’s really tired. So you give it a break by washing it clean. But still, it’s never as clear and flawless as you would like it to be.
Ever wondered why?

The answer is simple. It’s just not clean enough.
And when you sleep with some unwashed (invisible) toxins and chemicals on your face, your skin can’t breathe and repair itself to the best of its ability.
Also the serum and moisturizer that follow won’t be able to penetrate as well as they should, becoming less effective and not giving you the results you are looking for. You end up with skin that’s not as great as it can be.

So how do the Japanese and Koreans have the most clear and flawless skin in the world despite living in big, polluted cities too? The secret is DOUBLE CLEANSING.

What the heck is ‘double cleansing’ and why you should be doing it.

As the name suggests, you should be cleaning your face twice every night. But there’s a method.

Step 1: Cleansing Oil.

Using just a face wash doesn’t completely remove your sunscreen, oil and dirt. You actually need a cleansing oil to do a more thorough job.

Most people think that a cleansing oil is only to remove makeup. It’s actually the most important step in cleaning your skin (whether you have makeup on or not).

It takes off all oil-based impurities such as pore-clogging sebum (yes, it’s actually perfect for oily skin!), sunscreen and makeup – which are difficult for face washes to do.

If you have oily skin, all the more reason to use a cleansing oil. Think of it as a ‘good oil’ to remove all the ‘bad oils’. A cleansing oil actually melts away pore-clogging sebum and dislodges blackheads to make your skin cleaner and clearer. All you have to do is find one that’s meant for especially for oily skin. Don’t be afraid. It’s won’t make you greasier. I promise.

How to use it: Just take a coin-sized amount of oil in your palm, and use your fingers to spread evenly over your face, gently rubbing it in circular motion so as to ‘melt away’ all the dirt, sweat, oil and makeup.

Let the oil ‘sit’ on your skin for a minute to work its magic.

Then wet your hands and once again, gently rub all over your face to emulsify the oil. The oil will turn into a milky fluid. Now simply rinse it off.

A good cleansing oil will leave your face feeling clean but never oily or dry.

Step 2: Face wash.

Now wash your face again – but this time with your regular face wash. The face wash removes any leftover sweat, dirt, oil or makeup that’s not been removed by the cleansing oil.

You just need a tiny amount of a gentle face wash as all the heavy-duty cleansing has been done by the oil cleanser. Don’t use a harsh face wash as it can be too drying.

Do this every night and you will see a big difference in the way your skin looks. Your pores will get smaller, your bumps and pimples will occur less often, your skin will get less greasy and you will even get that evasive glow.

Try it for 2 weeks and let me know how it goes. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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