Why Indian women have the best hair in the world.

Indians have the best hair in the world proves a global study based on 4 characteristics that determine healthy hair – thickness, tensile strength, shine, and smoothness.

This is probably what makes natural hair extensions from India (or ‘temple hair’ as it’s famously called) the priciest in Hollywood – fetching up to a whopping $4500 a piece!

So what is their secret? What gives them this lustrous crowning glory? Coconut oil. Well actually it’s Parachute Coconut Oil – a name synonymous to coconut oil in India. It’s 100% pure and contains all the goodness that coconut oil has now become famous for.

While coconut oil has only recently become a beauty trend across the world, Indians have been using it for centuries. In fact, like me, Indian women (and men) start using it from…well, since they are babies! My mother used to massage my tiny baby body with it daily and swears that prevents cradle cap and eczema too.

Then as I grew older, she would give me a ‘champi’, which is a hot-coconut oil head massage to grow my hair long, thick and strong. I don’t know any Indian girl who hasn’t had one. The reason this traditional remedy truly works is because coconut oil contains lauric acid and Vitamin E that deeply condition hair and seal split ends, while the champi (massage) improves blood circulation and stimulates hair growth.

My dad insists it “cools your head”. So if you’re stressed, apply coconut oil. If you’ve got a fever, apply coconut oil. In summer, apply coconut oil…
I used to think it was just a myth, until I recently read that coconut oil actually has cooling properties. Dad was right (as he always is)!

Coconut oil also has natural anti-fungal properties. Which makes it the perfect cure for dandruff. And it deeply moisturizes a dry scalp – instantly reducing the itch. Relief!

And then, there’s the traditional Indian festival of colour – Holi, where friends and family throw colour at each other, Indian girls douse (and by that I mean really drench) their hair in Parachute coconut oil. It acts as a barrier to prevent the hair from absorbing any colour or chemicals (present in the colour). Talk about coconut oil saving your hair!

So the next time you spot an Indian girl with lustrous tresses, you know what her secret it. And you can make it yours. Just pick up a bottle of 100% pure coconut oil like the famous Parachute.

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