Top 10 beauty superpowers of coconut oil.

Just search for ‘coconut oil’ and the results are insane!
Everyone is talking about it.
It’s been bestowed with the title of ‘Superfood’.
It can do pretty much anything. Hell, everyday someone somewhere finds a new benefit or magic recipe containing coconut oil that will change the world as you know it…

For Indians, coconut oil is the normal.
We grew up on it. It’s got a permanent place in almost every Indian household. No one even gave it a second thought. Until suddenly, the world goes mad over it.

So, does coconut oil really do all these amazing things? Yes it does.
Here’s the short and sweet list I compiled from many of my Indian friends on the magical powers of coconut oil.

  1. Makes hair grow thick and longhiar dove

    That coveted thick silky mane that Indian women are known for? That’s thanks to years of oiling their hair with coconut oil. By regularly massaging it into their scalp and hair, the lauric acid and Vitamin E in coconut oil, deeply conditions the hair strands and seals split ends, while the massage improves blood circulation and stimulates hair growth. The result? Long, strong, thick, shiny hair.

  2. Works better than any anti-dandruff shampoo. snowflakes_PNG7537.png

    Coconut oil has natural anti-fungal properties that helps get rid for dandruff, while the moisturizing properties sooth a dry scalp – instantly reducing the itch.

  3. Works as a body moisturizer. dollop2

    Good quality coconut oil does not let moisture escape from your skin. This means that it stays moist and soft. What’s even better is that coconut oil also heals wounds quickly. So it’s great if you have any cuts, nicks, or scrapes. It soothes and moisturizes in one step.

  4. One of the best makeup removers out there. cotton jar.png

    Coconut oil can melt away all kinds of makeup – even the most resistant waterproof mascara. Just massage it into your face, let it sit on your skin for a minute and remove with a cotton pad.

  5. A relaxing massage oil. stones5.png

    Coconut oil is slippery, soothing, cooling, moisturizing… and leaves your skin smelling like a tropical island – the ideal massage oil.

  6. Soothes a nasty sunburn.umbrella.png

    Spent too much time out in the sun and your skin is burning like a furnace?
    Coconut oil to the rescue! Generously slather it all over the burn to cool down your skin and get instant relief. Within 24 hours, your sunburn will have definitely subsided, if not gone completely.

  7. Relieves bug bites and itches.mosquito_01_by_wolverine041269-d65c9lv copy.pngmosquito_01_by_wolverine041269-d65c9lv.png

    So that mosquito had a buffet on your skin… reach for that coconut oil now! Rub it all over the bites – the redness and itchiness will subside in a jiffy. And within a day or two, the marks will have disappeared!

  8. A great lip balm substitute.lips_PNG6205.png

    Get super soft and plump lips with coconut oil. It’s super nourishing and heals chapped lips in a flash. Just dip your finger in some oil and dab onto your lips. And since it’s pure and edible, you can consume it without any harmful effects.

  9. A natural and effective cuticle and nail oil. nails1.png

    Rub a small amount of coconut oil into your cuticles and nails every night. Before you know it, the rough, ragged, cracked and painful cuticles will be gone. And even if your cuticles aren’t in bad shape, using it nightly will make your manicure last so much longer. Your nails will also get stronger, less brittle and won’t break as often.

  10. An effective stretch-mark preventer stretchmarks3.png

    Coconut oil can penetrate deep into your skin. That means it can prevent or heal stretch mark as they happen in the lower layers of your skin. And the intense moisture also makes skin supple and less likely to snap when it stretches.


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