The most bizarre beauty tips that actually work!

1. Add garlic to your nail polish for super strong nails.

garlic + nail paint

Sounds gross, but it works!

For insanely strong nails, chop fresh garlic into tiny pieces and put it in your clear nail polish. Now, leave it alone for a week and you have magically transformed your boring base coat into a natural nail strengthener.

Tip: Be warned, your nails will stink. But only for a bit. Just don’t do it before a date unless you think the guy is a vampire 😉

2. Diaper rash cream shrinks pimples.


This makes sense actually. If it can get rid of an angry rash on a baby’s bottom, it sure as hell can reduce the redness, swelling and size of that angry pimple.

Zinc oxide, the main ingredient in diaper rash cream soothes, calms and reduces inflammation. So the next time you wake up to an annoying zit, quickly cover it up with a smidge of diaper rash cream and watch it die in front of your eyes. Yay!

Diaper rash cream also works brilliantly on razor bumps and ingrown hair. So smoothen a thin layer over your freshly shaved areas to instantly calm them down.

Tip: Diaper rash cream is thick and doesn’t absorb. It acts as a barrier and leaves a white film. So use it overnight and rinse off in the morning.

3. Tighten your jawline and neck with Cellulite Cream.

neck + cellulite cream

If your face is all puffy (after a long night), this simple trick will get you that tight jawline in minutes. Massage some cellulite cream that contains caffeine along the entire jawline and neck. Caffeine is a diuretic, so it literally drains out all the extra fluid to instantly reduce puffiness. Just remember, this is a temporary fix and will only last for a couple of hours.

4. Whey protein powder works as a body scrub.


Whey protein doesn’t only give you strong muscles, it’s also an amazing exfoliator. That’s because it contains lactic acid that gently sloughs off old dead skin cells to reveal glowing skin. It also helps you get rid of minor scars.

Make a paste with the powder and water and apply all over your body. It’s going to get very sticky, but let it ‘set’ for a few minutes before you rinse off. Your skin will be baby smooth and super shiny afterwards. Totally worth those few icky minutes.

5. Rub some Vaseline before spritzing your perfume to make it last all day.

vaseline + perfume

Oily skin holds fragrances for much longer than dry skin.
By applying Vaseline to your pulse points, your skin will hold on to the fragrance for longer than if you were to spray it directly on to dry skin.

Let me know if you have any of your own weird tips and tricks and I will be sure to try them. Keep them coming! 

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