Red velvet for your eyes – SK-II Stempower Eye Cream

I have a confession to make. I started using eye cream pretty late. I tried using eye creams a couple of times in my early 20’s but since it made absolutely no difference at the time, I gave up on it and used to skip this step entirely – up until I noticed my first ever fine line crop up under my eye. The 30’s were making their presence felt.

I don’t think anyone else could see it, but I could and that was enough to get me sprinting to mall to get myself the very best eye cream. I wandered from counter to counter getting the overly eager sales staff pitching me their best selling lines. I didn’t buy anything. Just brought a bunch of samples home. And the experiment began.

Every am and pm I would dot the area around my eyes with a product, pat it in and note the results. Now according to me, a great eye cream should:

  • Get easily absorbed
  • Keep the eye area hydrated for many hours
  • Reduce the appearance of the fine lines
  • Make eyes feel refreshed and bright.
  • Reduce puffiness.

The one product that did it all for me was SK-II Stempower Eye Cream.

Melts right in.

It was thick and creamy to begin with so I had to use just a tad, rub it between my two ring fingers and then dot and pat. In a matter of minutes it would melt into my skin and vanish.

Velvetty and plump. 

The eye area instantly felt plumper and was velevetty to touch. It was also getting harder for me to see that dreaded fine line.

Lasts all day long. 

When I got back home from a particularly hard day and noticed that my peepers werent giving me away.

Reduces puffiness and fatigue. 

Normally, if I use an eye cream at night, my eyes feel puffy in the morning, but that never happened with this product. My eyes just looked well rested. Now that’s absolutely amazing considering I’m a new mom and wake up atleast twice at night. It totally passed the torture test!

The one thing that kind of put me off was the colour of the product. It looked yellow – as if it’s gone rancid. But that’s something I can live with as long as it continues to make me look all doe-eyed. Blink blink 😉