Moroccan Oil

This is one of those products I just can’t stop gushing about. It’s all that it’s made out to be – a super product. So what makes me and so many other women blubbering fools?

1. The texture:

oil 3

It’s an oil, but with the exact greasiness that makes your hair look and feel nourished, silky and shiny, without that dreadful ‘oily’ or gunky appearance. So though it goes on a bit thick, in a matter of minutes, it sinks into your hair to do it’s magic. If you touch your hair after a while, it feels soft and smooth without any ‘there’s-product-in-there’ feeling.

Another bonus, it doesn’t weigh your hair down like most serums. Just remember to start with a little, rub it well between your palms and then apply. Add more if you need more. If you start out with too much, it will obviously weight your hair down.

Tip: You can apply this oil to either wet or dry hair. However, if you’re applying it to wet hair, make sure it’s towel dried and not too wet and dripping – or it will weigh your hair down (unless that’s what you’re looking for, then go right ahead!).

2. Goodbye dryness and tangles.

Whenever my hair gets too dry or knotty, I add a drop of Moroccan Oil exactly on the parts that need rescue. The hair simply absorbs it in and smoothens out in a jiffy.

Tip: The hair at the nape of my hair usually gets very tangled. So I apply a bit more here when my hair is more damp. 

3. Prevents and seals split ends.

If you’re growing your hair out, this is the one product to invest in. While applying, I always add a lot at the tips because this is the oldest part of your hair and therefore the driest. I then smoothen the rest over the length of my hair to nourish and tame it.

4. Reduces frizz.

This product reduces frizz but not too much. So if you’re looking for a super strength frizz remover, this won’t do the job.  It does however, tame your hair and smoothen it out.

5. Adds a sheen.

After the product is fully absorbed by your hair, you’re left with an ever-so-slight sheen that shows that you have really good quality hair versus a fake hi-octane product shine.

oil 2

6. Smells amazing.

It’s nutty. Woody. Vanilla-y. Oh hell, it smells awesome. What’s great is that it doesn’t have a ‘perfume’ smell. Once again, it feels very natural. My husband hates perfume smell, so when he sinks his face into my hair, I know I made the right call.

7. Helps style your hair.

If soft beachy waves are what you’re looking for, then add a few pumps (depending on the length of your hair) and apply tips upward until you reach your ears. Using your hands, take fistfuls of your hair and gently scrunch upward. Then let it air dry or diffuse and ta-da! You could also use some in slightly damp hair and braid it for the more structured waves. For a straight look, apply and blowdry as normal. Run a straightening iron through for a sleeker finish.


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