The post-baby beauty regimen that every new mommy should follow.

Warning: It may appear as if you are getting a full night’s sleep.

legs NayraYes, you have just had a baby. Yes, there’s too much going on. And yes, the last thing on your mind is you. But now is the time when you should think about yourself, even if it’s just for a few minutes a day. Because the sooner you look and feel attractive, the sooner you can go back to feeling like your old self. Having a baby is a beautiful experience. Just make sure you look beautiful too.

So here are a few quick ways to be a new mom and still look (or feel) like the old you.

1. Keep your skin care products by your bed side.

bedside table 3

Since I was spending most of my time in bed feeding my always-hungry boy, I kept my beauty products at my bedside table. During feeds, I would just put on a sheet mask, pat on that oh-so-needed eye cream or dab on some lip balm. Think about it, you’re feeding your baby. You can spend a few minutes on yourself instead of checking your phone, watching TV or reading a book.

2. Keep your eye cream and sheet masks in the fridge.

fridge 4

You will be making a lot of trips to the refrigerator – either to store your breast milk or nibble on last night’s leftovers. Use this opportunity to look good too. Chilled eye cream really help de-puff sleep-heavy eyes. And if your skin appears dull and tired, slap on a cold sheet mask to brighten it up. You can also transfer a bit of your toner or essence into a spray bottle and refrigerate it for an instant pick-me-up.

3. Make friends with hair accessories.

hair accessory 6

A good hair day makes you feel like you can do anything. But when you’ve barely slept and haven’t had the chance to shower, how can you even think about your hair? Hair accessories to the rescue.

Keep your hair off your face with a bright hairband.
Sweep aside those overgrown bangs with a pin with diamantes.
Tie your long sweaty hair in a side braid and secure it with a funky band.
Before you know it, you feel a whole lot better about yourself.

 4. Combat post pregnancy hair fall.

bed hair Nayra

Now that you’ve had your bundle of joy, it’s time to shed not just your weight but also your hair. Your hair will start falling – sometimes in chunks. Don’t panic. It’s your hormones. So how to not go bald? Oil your hair.

Take either olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil and warm it up. Then part your hair and apply directly onto your scalp with a cotton ball. Then firmly massage your scalp in a circular motion using your fingertips (and not your nails). This massage will improve blood circulation, stimulate the fair follicles and relieve stress. Initially, your hair may fall significantly, but will soon reduce and new hair will grow thicker and more luscious. Do this 1-hour prior to your shower. Wash it off with a gentle clarifying shampoo and then condition your hair from ears down.

 5. Follow a simple routine that takes only 3 mins.

Minute 1: Cleanse your face thoroughly in firm circular motion. I prefer using a facial brush as it automatically switches off in a minute and also exfoliates at the same time, giving me a complete cleaning.

Minute 2: Pat on an essence or serum. This will save you. The product will give your skin all the nutrients it needs, while the patting action will wake up that tired skin and improve blood circulation. You will look and feel instantly energized.

Minute 3: Pat on a moisturizer with sunscreen, even if you’re only at home. The harmful rays of the sun travel through windows and do its damage. The moisturizer will ensure your skin looks plump and hydrated so that you look well rested (even though you aren’t).

6. Use a body lotion with a citrus smell (blood orange, grapefruit, lemon, etc.)


The sweet citrusy scents will refresh you and keep your spirits up when you need it the most.

7. Keep your nails short.


Cut and file your nails short so that you don’t scratch your little one. You can paint your nails bright funky colours to take away the blues 🙂

8. Shave or epilate.


You don’t have to resemble a hairy monster just because you’re at home. A little grooming goes a long way in upping your confidence and getting your husband to come well, closer…

So now all you have to don a smile and take some beautiful pictures. With your baby of course!


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