A lazy girl’s guide to great skin.

The simplest and most basic skin care routine ever. 


Some of my girlfriends pick up some really great products. They even swear by them. But when I ask them how they are working a few months down the road, they sheepishly tell me that they don’t know as they only used them for a few weeks and now those ‘amazing’ and expensive products are catching dust somewhere in their cupboards. It’s sad but true. The fate of most products. They die a slow and rancid death.

We all really want to improve our skin and take the time out to do so, the intentions are there, but let’s admit it, we are lazy. At best, we can follow a daily regimen of 6-8 products. And that’s a stretch.

So to make your life a tad easier, when you don’t have the time or energy to pamper your skin, these are the 3 most important products you should JUST NOT DO WITHOUT. And make sure you invest in the best. For these are the ones that will make all the difference.

1. Face wash

So how do you know if a face wash is good or not? A really good face wash is one that thoroughly cleans your skin, does not leave behind any residue, dirt or makeup, but never ever strips your skin. Yes, you need to get the day off your face but why be harsh about it?

Tip: I spend at least 1 minute massaging my skin in a firm but gentle circular motion to dislodge all the oil and dirt. Then I rinse by splashing my face 7-8 times with clean water. This has made a big difference to my skin as it ensures that I have absolutely no residue left on my skin.

Tip: I use a face brush like the Clarisonic once a day, preferably at night to really clean my skin. It also improves blood circulation and allows the products I slap on next to be promptly absorbed by my skin. 

2. Moisturiser

This is to your skin, what water is to your body. A necessity. When you hydrate your skin, it plumps up. So less wrinkles and lines. Simple. If you want your skin to look its best, make sure it’s never thirsty.

This is most important for those with oily skin. Your skin may have too much oil, but not enough water and will end up being oily and dehydrated. Sounds weird but it’s true. In fact, the more you hydrate it, the less oily it will eventually get. Your skin produces more oil when it’s parched. So DO NOT skip the moisturiser. The trick is to use a gel based one.

Tip: If you have dry skin, use a moisturizer and then immediately steam your face. The moisturizer will penetrate quicker and deeper. But don’t overdo the steam. Just for a minute or two is more than enough.

3. Sunscreen

You wont need an anti-ageing cream if you use sunscreen. Sunscreen is your best bet in protecting your skin in the long run. Yes, it doesn’t feel too good. Yes, it makes you look a tad grimy. BUT it prevents ageing like nothing else can. So think long-term and put on that sunscreen now.

Most people skip this step and make excuses. Let me tell you NOBODY LIKES USING SUNSCREEN. But it’s good for you. Like fruits and veggies. Like brushing your teeth. Like drinking water. You just have to…whether you like it or not.

Important: Use a minimum of SPF 30. Please. Not less. Protect yourself as much as possible. Also ensure that it has PA+++ (that’s 3 pluses). Every single day (doesn’t matter is it’s cloudy, raining or snowing), whether you are going out of the house or even sitting at home, pat on a good amount of sunscreen on your face (read: ¼ teaspoon).

Tip: I sweep a mineral powder with SPF over it to rid myself of that greasy, grimy, sweaty sunscreen feeling.

Application tip: Pat on sunscreen instead of rubbing it in. This ensures that the application is even and uniform. Also it prevents tugging of your skin. Good thing. You want a uniform film of sunscreen on your skin to get uniform protection.

That’s it. Simple. All your skin really needs is to be clean, hydrated and protected.


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